by Valentin, October 17 2023, in random

I mishandle my smartphone in my nightmares

I've read several times on social media the idea according to which, for some reason, smartphones are absent from our dreams, and that such a psychological phenomenon ought to be studied and explained.

I, for one, can testify that my smartphone is present in some of my dreams, or, more precisely, some of my nightmares. There is a recurring pattern: I'm in a high-pressure situation that requires me to look up some information, for example the way to walk to some place. But as my fingers are shaky, I type in the wrong letters on the virtual keyboard and only generate scrambled text. As I struggle to fix it, I will then tap by mistake on some wrong button that opens a wrong pop-in, which I will fail to close by mis-tapping the cross icon, and trigger yet another unintended action instead, and so on. I'm trapped into an infinite cascade of mistapping the buttons on the touchscreen, ever increasing my nervousness and making things worse as my fingers become more and more fidgety and making more and more mistakes, making me unable to use my phone. Until I wake up.

So there it is, a smartphone in dreams. It seems that my subconscious has a strong opinion on the ergonomics of smartphones.